Cash me ousside playing, howbow dah?


Someone playing to win isn’t someone you would want to be friends with, but if we look at differently, aren’t we all playing to win?


February 1 of 2017 was the third annual Global School Play Day and with that, our English class decided to celebrate it by having our own “play day”. Even though only a few English periods were together at a time with a one hour time limit on a barren high school, I still had a lotta fun. Playing some games with some old friends I hadn’t spent time with in a while and some new faces I had never knew existed was refreshing to say the least.

This Global School Play Day could use a lot more work though. It should be a time where we don’t have to use our brain as much as we usually do in the class rooms. That’s why I wish we could do more physical play just like what recess or lunch would look like at an elementary school. You wouldn’t see elementary school kids playing with a deck of cards, you would see them smacking each other in the faces with balls. It’s great that we had time to go outside, but it wasn’t as playful as it could have been. Also, the fact that there were only so few people outside made it kind of boring. Even though this is impossible, it would be nice for the entire school to make a holiday where everyone in the school would just spend all of their time playing outside.


But maybe scheduling a day of play isn’t the solution we need.

Back in olden times, many adults, as I have talked to, recalled there being much less studying to do when they were our age. I think this is partly the reason why not many kids nowadays go out to just have fun outside. It’s because they need to stay inside to finish all of their homework or start studying for a test they need to ace or else they won’t get into any colleges. Kids are preparing their whole life in order to get a good college application. Their entire childhood is meant for one piece of paper, sent to some strangers who have the choice to decide this kid’s future, instead of enjoying their childhood and going outside to play just like all children are supposed to do since the dawn of time. We rarely see kids outside anymore. All of the streets and sidewalks and parks are all empty. And when we do see kids outside, it’s usually with a parent or two glaring at their kids like gargoyles protecting their building. In fact, our society has adjusted to this lack of people going outside and now sees people outside as a bad thing. Whenever I go outside I always feel like people are staring at me as if I were some delinquent hooligan who is skipping out on school to do drugs. To be honest though, I myself admit to thinking this way whenever I see some teenagers outside too. But it would be nice to see this change and instead of seeing students locked up inside their houses because they need to do their homework or their parents think it’s too dangerous for them to go outside.


Along with this was shown a video of a Ted Talk on play . This video was especially eye opening to the idea of play being something essential to our success both in the future and present. Dr. Peter Gray explained how when we and all other animals on this planet play, we learn something that cannot be taught by any other means. Whether it be how to handle yourself around others, how to distress, how to live life in general, playing makes us all winners. So whenever we play, we are all playing to win.

And as a wise person once said:

“Cash me ousside (playing), howbow dah?”


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